Anthony talks unofficial to UNC

Rivals100 linebacker Stephone Anthony out of Wadesboro (N.C.) Anson took an unofficial visit this past weekend. The 6-foot-3, 220-pounder saw two of his six finalists on his first game this season to Chapel Hill.
"Oh man, it went well," he said. "The atmosphere there was very different. It was my first Carolina game this year and it was really good for me to get around the coaches again.
"You know, Carolina is going through a lot right now. It's my first time back since all that has been going on. It was good to be around the coaches and players. I got a chance to talk to them and see if things were really ok."

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Did the coaches reflect on the investigation?
"The coaches were really nice," he said. "You can tell those guys are missing their players and what North Carolina would be if they were playing, they got good backups.
"As for the investigation, they didn't really get into it too much. They mostly focused on my visit there, that was basically it."
So, how was the environment?
"The environment was good, it was loud between Carolina and Virginia Tech, it was fun."
Of course, Anthony is also looking at the Hokies and gave his take on them.
"Virginia Tech played well," he said. "Carolina turned the ball over a couple times and Virginia Tech is a good football team, they always play well."
Meanwhile, what about the linebacker spots for both teams?
"The opportunity at Carolina, those guys lose potentially two first round picks in Quan Sturdivant and Bruce Carter," he said. "They are great players and have some big shoes to fill. It's a great opportunity at North Carolina to come in and work hard, fight for a starting position.
"With Virginia Tech, it's the same thing. A chance to come in and compete with some young, great guys and see what they got."
From here, Anthony is eyeing a trip this weekend, but unsure where he'll be headed. That will be followed by a visit on Thanksgiving weekend to either Clemson or Georgia.
In terms of his official visits, Anthony has yet to schedule them.
"Florida, Clemson and Virginia Tech are the only definite official visits," he said. "I'm going to try to take one of them before the Shrine Bowl on December 18th and then take the rest in January."
Anthony and Anson wrapped up the season recently and he gave his take on the year as well.
"This was a good year for me," he said. "I felt like I was a step or two faster and made reads better. I played good football."