Another year, another recruitment for Kinard

If anyone knows the intricacies of the recruiting process, it's Antonio Kinard. The Arizona Western Community College linebacker could teach a 500-level class on the ordeal from memory.
Kinard is a mainstay on the circuit. He's been out of high school since 2010 and has kicked around a bit. He's been at prep school. He's been at Michigan. He's been redshirted in Yuma, Ariz. His phone has been ringing all along the way.
If there's ever a recruiting hall of fame, Kinard will be on the first ballot. It's been a winding road, but the three-star prospect has managed to maintain the lot of his eligibility. He played a year of prep school and will play this season at Western. So when all is said and done, he hopes to have three seasons to play at the school of his choice.

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That's the plan, anyway. And it's actually quite a trick.
"I'm walking on a thin line right now," Kinard said on Tuesday. "I have to basically pass all my classes in order to be that three-year guy that can play Division I. That's my biggest thing, I'm trying to show out academically to get up out of here."
This time around the recruiting block, Kinard lists nine scholarship offers. Miami, to which he committed out of prep school, is back in the mix. The Hurricanes have company, though. Kinard names no favorites at this time but is clear about his travel intentions. Official visits won't happen until after the season, but he has a few destinations in mind.
"I for sure want to go to USC," Kinard said. "I want to go back to Miami, too. The third one ... right now, I don't really know. I think I'd like to visit Clemson.
It's easy to assume Miami is the favorite to land Kinard. After all, the Hurricanes already landed his commitment once. But the three-star prospect insist that's not the case.
"I wouldn't say Miami is the favorite at all," he said. "It's kind of up for grabs," he said. "I want to see how they are doing this season, as far as football goes. I really don't know. It could be anybody."
The list of coaching staffs with which Kinard says he feels particularly close is short. It also has a slightly different feel than his rough visit itinerary. Eventually, he says, the two lists may merge.
"As far as the coaching staffs, I feel closest with a few of them," he said. "The staff I've been talking to the most, other than Miami, is Kansas State. I don't talk to USC as much as the other two, but we talk. Those three are the ones I'm closest with."
Kinard plans to graduate from Arizona Western in May and have three years to play three seasons at the FBS School of his choice. He says the worst-case scenario would be a Dec. 2014 graduation date, but does anticipate that.
He plans to announce his commitment sometime after the season.