Another visit for Longhorn commitment

Boca Raton, Fla. athlete Jimmie Sutton III has taken two visits after his commitment to Texas, what will January bring?
"Jimmie is taking his time for sure," Boca Raton coach Brian Dodds said. "He is a commitment to Texas. But he did that before any visits. Since then he has visited Texas and Oklahoma State."
Now is the 6-foot-1, 170-pounder looking at one more school?
"He is probably going to visit North Carolina State next weekend (Jan. 24)," Dodds said. "They are wanting him either this weekend or next, but I think it is going to be next weekend."
So is this just a formality visit and then he re-affirms his commitment to Mack Brown's Texas squad?
"I really don't know. I don't know what Jimmie is going to do. Earlier I would have said no doubt he's headed to Texas, but I don't know what he'll do. We'll just have to see after his visit next week."