Another Purifoy

PENSACOLA, Fla. - The last name Purifoy is familiar in the Pensacola, Fla. area. The family has sent a number of football prospects to the collegiate level, led by 2011 Florida signee Louchiez Purifoy. Another talented prospect from the family has emerged at Pensacola (Fla.) Catholic - sophomore inside linebacker Delvin Purifoy.
Since the conclusion of his sophomore season, Purifoy has added more than 15 pounds to his 6-foot-2 frame and now checks in just shy of 230 pounds. He believes the added weight, and improved strength, will make him an even more valuable asset at his primary position.
"I think it will be middle linebacker," Purifoy said of where he lines up at the collegiate level. "I just like to be physical and I can run, so I might as well be somewhere that I can run sideline-to-sideline and make plays."

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Colleges have already taken notice of the talented 2014 prospect.
"I have heard from some schools," Purifoy said. "I have heard from Alabama, Florida State, Miami, Wisconsin, and a few more schools."
Schools such as Florida and South Carolina have also dropped in to Catholic to check-in on Purifoy this spring. Many others are expected.
Early on, Purifoy admits that three major schools stand out to him.
"I like Florida State, they are my favorite college growing up," Purifoy said. "I also like Alabama and LSU a lot, too."
This summer, the Panhandle prospect is hoping to hit the road and check out a few schools.
"I know I want to visit Florida State, Alabama - honestly, I want to see as many schools as I can," Purifoy said.
As for a decision timeline, the rising junior doesn't have one at this time but said he would prefer it to be sooner rather than later. He also has a desire to remain within a reasonable distance of Pensacola when he departs for his college career.
"I would prefer to stay close to home," Purifoy said.