Another Impressed College Park Visitor

Victor Abiamiri has had an exciting week. The newly named Maryland Defensive Player of the Year enjoyed his trip to Maryland.
"We had a nice time at Maryland," said the 6-foot-5, 245-pound Abiamiri. "Maryland really put themselves forward in a positive way. I really enjoyed the entire trip. I know Conrad Bolston committed."
Abiamiri was named Player of the Year in Maryland along with teammate Ambrose Wooden. He finished the season with 12 sacks and 17 tackles for loss, despite facing double teams nearly every play. He beat out star linebacker Wesley Jefferson by a small amount.

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"That's something that's really exciting for me personally," said Abiamiri. "I had a ton of help on the defensive line and the rest of the defense really helped me out a lot. A lot of it is due to the five-sack game against DeMatha. Our defense just played so well all year. I'm really proud."
Abiamiri has completed visits to Maryland, Notre Dame and Miami now. He has a trip lined up to North Carolina for Jan. 10. Does he have a leader?
"I'm not ready to decide or anything, but the trip to Maryland was really nice. My trips to Miami and Notre Dame were really nice so I'm kind of torn. I'll probably take another visit or two and think about some stuff before deciding."