Another Goodson on the football field

Rumors have been circling that one of the state's top basketball prospects for 2008, Klein (Texas) Collins' Demetri Goodson, had changed his mind about not playing football as a senior.
Like his brother Michael Goodson who stars for Texas A&M at running back, Goodson was a force on the football field as a junior for Collins. First-year coach Mike Konicki says that though there was a chance Goodson was going to play football over the last few months, it looks like he'll be sticking to basketball this fall only.
"Demetri is not going to play football," Konicki said. "He's been offered an opportunity to come back with us, but I don't know if he's going to do that or not. He's a fantastic basketball player as well and I guess he could change his mind. That would be a tremendous help, but right now, I don't think he's going to play football.
"I think he is aiming more at playing basketball in college."
If Goodson for some reason did decide to come back, Konicki says the possibilities are endless as to how he could figure into the mix position-wise.
"He didn't play when I was here since this is my first year, but I know he was predominately a defensive back," Konicki said. "I could see him being an inside slot receiver and I can see him having direct snaps. He's just as quick as anybody I've seen as far as covering people. He could also return kicks and punts which would be very beneficial to us."
Konicki says that he hasn't been offered for football, but has by several schools for basketball. The last update showed Goodson as being offered by Texas A&M, Wichita State, Utah, and Houston for basketball.