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Another Good Visit For TE

One of the nation's top tight ends has already taken three official visits and the latest was quite impressive.
"Iowa was really nice," said State College (Pa.) State College Area tight end Jonathan Stupar. "The game was really good and they used the tight end quite a bit."
Iowa won the game 31-28 and tight end Dallas Clark caught a 95-yard touchdown pass.
"He was a walk-on too," said Stupar. "He didn't have any offers out of high school, but he's a good player."
Stupar also liked the coaching staff at Iowa and as he takes each visit, he seems to confuse the issue more and more.
"I've been to Virginia, Arizona State and Iowa," said the 6-foot-5, 245-pounder. "They've all won the games I was out at and the atmosphere was great at all of them. I have Florida State coming up Oct. 26 and that will probably be great too. My last visit is up in the air."
Stupar recently received an offer from Miami and is getting a lot of attention now from Tennessee. He's also looking at UCLA, Boston College and NC State for his last visit.
"I'm not sure yet who it will be," he said. "I like keeping it open so I can pick a team a little later."
And who leads?
"No one yet," he said. "When I'm done with all my visits I'll sit down and re-evaluate all the teams. If I'm ready to decide at that point, I'll make my choice. If not, I'll wait until LOI Day."