Another Cali RB who is pure gold

California has attracted people to its shores ever since the Gold Rush of 1849. Now 100 years later there could be another rush that will consist of college coaches looking for a top-flight running back. The Golden State has an abundance of running backs and one of the very best for the class of 2010 is Anthony Wilkerson (6-0, 215, 4.5) from Tustin, Calif.
"Anthony is a real legit guy," Tustin coach Myron Miller said. "He's very strong and fast. He has it all."
"When walk on campus and you'll know who he is without even asking. He really stands out."
This high praise because Miller is one of those guys who tell it like it is and never oversells his players. We are talking about coach who has six players currently in the NFL and running back DeShaun Foster is one of them.
Asked to compare the two players at the same stage of their career, Miller had the following to say.
"Anthony is bigger and stronger at the same time in their development," Miller said. "But something happened to DeShaun over the summer going into his senior year where his confidence grew to where he didn't think anyone could tackle him."
"Both have great speed, but Anthony is a little bit stronger inside," Miller said. "I don't like to compare anyone to DeShaun because he has already done it on the highest level. I don't to put too much pressure on Anthony."
"Anthony dominates the opposition," Miller said. "He rushed for 2,300 yards and scored 39 touchdowns his junior season, but gained 800 yards during out playoff run."
Wilkerson's performance saw him earn all-CIF, all-area and all-league honors as a junior.
It appears that Wilkerson has another thing in common with Foster, he is slated to play on both sides of the ball his senior season.
Wilkerson has incredible strength. His current bench is about 315, but Miller projects it to be in the mid threes by the time the season rolls around. He already power cleans 300 and Miller thinks that will be going up, too. His squat is 390, but Millers sees that number to be in the mid fours.
Wilkerson has the habits of a champion. He works just as hard in the classroom as he does in the weight room and the field.
"Anthony is a great student, too," Miller said. "He is a A-minus student in all of the hard courses. He is almost too good to be true."
"Anthony is real good kid who wants to be great in everything he does," Miller said. "But if you would talk to him you wouldn't know how driven he is because he's really humble."
"To give you an idea what a great team player Anthony is, we were in a playoff game and we needed to score a touchdown. We were inside the 10 and it was goal to goal from about the eight on second down. We ran a sweep with Anthony and the guy in the slot missed his block so Anthony was stopped at the two."
"I called the same play, but in the huddle Anthony changed positions with the slot. We scored easy because Anthony made the block to free up the back.
"When Anthony came to the sideline I asked him why he changed position and he said because I knew I could make the block."
"That is the kind of kid that Anthony is, always team first."