Anevski done with visits

Cincinnati (Ohio) Elder offensive lineman Tom Anevski finished his official visit schedule this past weekend with a trip to Boston College. is it decision time now?
"Yep, I'll decide over the next couple of days," said the 6-foot-5, 265-pounder. "I picked three great places to visit and now it's going to be a tough decision."
Anevski has been to Vanderbilt, Northwestern and now Boston College. It looks like the Wildcats and Eagles lead.
"BC was a great visit, they've really made this difficult," he said. "I was hosted by my ex-teammate, Ricky Brown, who told me how much he loved BC. It's great to have someone at a school I like because I know he'll tell me the truth about everything."
Northwestern was also very impressive.
"It's a great academic school, so is Vanderbilt," he said. "Neither of them have been winning much lately, but they all paint a great picture I'll tell you that much. BC, Northwestern and Vandy all have great plans."
Is their a leader?
"Not really," he said. "I'll talk it over with my family and then make a choice."