Andrews picks Sooners on visit

Wide receiver Mark Andrews rolls in silence.
The Scottsdale (Ariz.) Desert Mountain star is as stealthy as any national-level recruit in America. He's never been one to share many details of the recruiting process. Weeks ago, he opted out of doing any interviews whatsoever. So the fact that he snuck down to Oklahoma for an unpublicized visit this Friday should shock exactly no one.
His commitment while on campus, on the other hand, was slightly more surprising.

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"I went Black Ops," Andrews said following his commitment to OU. "I didn't tell anyone I was coming, really. I just went low key."
Whatever Andrews calls the final covert mission of his recruitment, the whole shebang is now in the past. And Andrews, a four-star prospect that never really took much of a shine to the spotlight that came with his standing, couldn't be happier about its conclusion.
"I love coach [Bob] Stoops and I know he is going to be there for a while. That was a big plus," Andrews said. "The wide receivers coach, Coach [Jay] Norvell, I love him too. I think he's an amazing person. There's nobody better than him at what he does. All the coaches there are so nice. It's incredible. It's a whole family atmosphere. I want to be able to play for national championships. Oklahoma is the place I can do that."
Andrews said he first flirted with the idea of committing to the Sooners two weeks ago, but waited, thought it over and planned the secret trip in an effort to make his commitment in person. Still, while he's been leaning toward Oklahoma for a few weeks, Andrews says his decision wasn't as easy as he made it look.
"There were a lot of schools I really loved and a lot of great people I met," Andrews said. "There were a lot of other schools that I really considered, but Oklahoma is where I want to be."
The simple matter of which position he'll play in college has always been a sensitive subject for Andrews. Despite being a 6-foot-6, 225-pound high school senior, Andrews doesn't like being projected as a tight end. He gets visibly agitated whenever the subject is broached.
At Oklahoma, Andrews says, nobody will attempt to force him into making the switch.
"(Heck) no, (heck) no. Oklahoma has never even mentioned the words 'tight end,'" Andrews said. "Nobody has ever even thought of that. I'm strictly a wide receiver. That's all. I'm 100-percent wide receiver.
Andrews, who has received more than 20 scholarship offers, is the No. 9 wide receiver in the country and the No. 71 overall prospect in the class of 2014.