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Anderson sticks with the Tigers

Sitting with Cathy Anderson as her son Kyle Anderson, signed with LSU during The Woodlands High School's athletic signing day press conference, you get an interesting
perspective of how invested families become with the recruiting process.
Through teary eyes of happiness, she watched her son mature into a college
boy in a matter of moments.
"I want to thank God for giving me the ability to play college football and
my parents and little sister for their support on and off the field," Anderson
said in front of a couple hundred students and parents.
That's when the tears really started flowing.
Michel Anderson, a former track athlete at Auburn, is also a proud parent who
never had a doubt in his son's capablities.
"I knew when he was about six-years-old that he would have a college future,"
Michel said. "Being an athlete myself, I knew he was ahead of the game in
quickness, speed and athletic ability. It went from there."
After narrowing his sport of choice down to football after his sophomore
season, Anderson's lore started reaching national recruiters.
"The whole process got really intense after his junior season," she said. "It
was hard to keep up with and coaches were always calling his cell phone.
"I think it was important that he made his decision before his senior season
and stuck with it," she said. "I think it shows what kind of man he is
sticking with his decision. He didn't run them around and take advantage of his five
official visits. I know he would have liked to have travelled to diffent and
gotten catered to like other."
Anderson stayed the course with the Tigers through North Shore's Dajleon
Farr's commitment, and a coaching change. Farr, another coveted tight end, chose
LSU in November after taking visits to Oklahoma and Nebraska.
Saban's departure would also mark Farr's departure, who ended up at the
University of Miami.
"I really liked Coach Saban," Kyle said. "They were coming off a National
Championship and when I got to campus I just felt comfortable. It felt like home
"The people were so nice and the facilities are great. I've also have several
friends going there, so I can crash with them if I get homesick," he said.
Enter Les Miles, who was also recruiting Anderson while he was at Oklahoma
"Saban has done so much for LSU's academics with all the new facilities,"
Cathy said. "When Coach Miles came in, we got the opportunity to go out with he
and his wife for dinner. They are quality people and we hold them in the
highest light.
"We are encouraged with the coaching staff because they will act as
father-figures for the next four years for these men," she said.
Anderson has also met with Miles in regards to his role.
"We watched some OSU film and LSU film," he said. "They both use the tight
end to catch the ball and I'm excited about that."