Anderson ready to lead

ALDINE, Texas - Even as a highly ranked cornerback at a tradition-rich high school in the Houston area, where high school football rules, Terrance Anderson is taking the leadership position on his team as the starting quarterback that looks to lead his team far this season.
Anderson understands that with his frame and ability he is best suited for the defensive backfield. However, the 5-foot-10, 163-pound athletic player had quite the junior season at the quarterback spot last season with over 1,400 total yards through the air and on the ground. With a heavy recruiting process underway and a team looking for his leadership, this young man is ready to take the reigns once again.
"Our first game coming up is against Madison and just like every time out we're looking to give 110 percent," Anderson said. "The first game you always expect to be rocky, but you play through adversity and you have to just see what happens."
The No. 20 rated player in the state of Texas admits he has a hard time remembering all the offers sometimes. Coach Bob Jones keeps track of the offer letters and the constant mail so players like Anderson don't get too distracted.
Jones expects Anderson to handle his recruiting process the way he handles all things in life.
"He handles everything the same way by not getting too high or low about anything," Jones said. "He's getting recruited by some of the best programs in the country. I hope he waits, takes the visits before deciding because I have had kids before that committed right off the bat or after just one trip."
"I think he'll wait, take it slow, and make a good decision."
The offers have come in from a number of different programs seemingly from day one. Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Northwestern, Texas A&M, UTEP, Utah, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Iowa State are just a few on that list.
His top two have not changed with Oklahoma and Oklahoma State in the lead.
"Oklahoma State and Oklahoma not being No. 1 and No. 2 after offering you, well you'd be crazy not to have them up there," Anderson said about his favorites. "They both have tremendous academic programs. They both have good football teams as well. The coaching staffs seem pretty good and that's why they're up there."
After visits in the fall and his senior season finishes, Anderson explained that then he will be making his pick.
Between now and then, it will be all about making sure the team gets off to a good start and carries that momentum through the rest of the year.
"I feel that we can improve a lot of things on the team as we go along," Anderson said. "If we just get gelled, we'll be a team to watch out for."
Anderson is a Rivals250 member and ranked as the No. 16 cornerback prospect in the nation.