Anderson is back in action

Devion Anderson began his high school career at Dallas (Texas) Skyline before heading to Plano (Texas) East as a junior. Now, the 6-3, 225-pound three-star defensive end is back at Skyline.
As a sophomore, Anderson began attracting attention as college coaches walked the halls in search of the next senior standout. A year away has not changed a thing with the likes of Louisiana Tech, New Mexico, Washington, Tulsa, and Texas Tech currently showing interest.
Tulsa has shown the most interest, but many have taken a wait and see approach.
"Right now it's kind of slow, because coaches are asking if I'm good to play yet, which I am good to play now," Anderson said. "I've already played two games and everything is about to fall back in place. I'm playing now."
On the field is exactly where he feels comfortable, and when he is on the field he has one thing on his mind.
"Getting to the quarterback and getting sacks. That's what I specialize in," Anderson said. "I'm like he better hold on to the ball because if he drops it I'm scooping and scoring."
Chasing down quarterbacks, seeing the fear in their eyes, and taking the life out of an offense is what Anderson enjoys the most. He was unable to do that for a little while, but now he is back and thankful. It took some time, but he remembers well the day he received the good news.
"It was shocking at first because it was the day before the game and I was on my home," Anderson said. "Coach called me and told me you're playing tomorrow. I was like 'Really?' We lost the game but coach said in order to get that motor back you have to get back on the field. We play again Friday and I'm starting to get a feel back for the game."
He has wasted little time re-establishing himself on the field and is now ready to tackle the ACT. After that he expects to see things heat up once again.
Currently he does not have any visits scheduled, but Tulsa and Texas Tech have invited him in for unofficial visits.