Anderson intrigued by Colorado, Oregon State

Alex Anderson's recruitment got a bit of a late jump. His name didn't show up in anyone's radar until the spring, when college coaches started noticing his skill set during trips to see higher profile players at his high school.
But now, just a few months later, the Scottsdale (Ariz.) Saguaro tackle holds nine scholarship offers. He also has interest coming in from schools that have yet to make things official. The late start and ensuing changes are why he's in no rush to do much of anything.
See, the 290-pound lineman is pretty uncertain when it comes to visits. He's wishy-washy about a timetable for a commitment and has absolutely no plans to trim his list. That said, he has an emerging favorite.

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"I'm leaning a little towards Colorado right now," Anderson said on Sunday. "That's mainly because I really know the coaches there. I've gotten to know Coach [Gary] Bernardi, Coach [Mike] MacIntyre and Coach Klayton Adams. I've also gotten to see the campus and all that."
Adams is upfront about his current lean. He's not hiding his thought process or keeping secrets for the sake of keeping secrets. That said, Colorado hasn't landed his commitment just yet. Oregon State has positioned itself to push the Buffaloes at the top of Anderson's list, and an upcoming visit to Corvallis could make all the difference.
No date for the trip has been set at this time. When it takes place, though, things will become clearer.
"I'm trying to get out to Nevada and Oregon State, and that's going to be about it for the summer," Anderson said. "That's going to be toward the middle or end of July. If I can't get out there then, I'll just make them officials. I really want to be able to go up to Oregon State and get as familiar with them as I am with Colorado."
Anderson says he doesn't know how many official visits he'll take. His hesitance to talk much about those plans stems from the uncertainty of his offer lists. New schools have gotten involved in his recruitment as of late. And if a few new offers show up, things could change in a hurry.
"I'm going to wait until the season to think about officials because I'm supposed to be getting more offers from schools that want to see my early film from weeks one through three," he said.
The schools that have requested senior film before deciding on an offer are Arizona, Arizona State and UCLA. Anderson seems confident that at least one of three will eventually offer but doesn't say how that may impact his recruitment. For now, the Buffs are out in front and it will be up to the Beavers to change that.
" What has me interested din Oregon State is Coach [Mike] Cavanaugh," Anderson said. "He's a really, really good coach. He's put a lot of guys into the league. He's not going to BS you. That's why I want to visit Oregon State."