Anderson catching on with coaches

Riverside (Calif.) J.W. North Dres Anderson is the son of former UCLA and NFL receiver Willie "Flipper" Anderson. His father holds the NFL record for receiving yards in a game (336), but it's Anderson that is really starting to catch on with the college coaches.
"The recruiting process is going really good right now," Anderson, who is 6-foot-1 and 170 pounds, said. "I've talked to quite a few colleges. I have two offers, Nevada and UTEP. I've been talking to Oregon, Boise State, UCLA, Oregon State, Arizona, Arizona State and Utah. I've been talking to a lot more Pac-10 schools."
Anderson, who had 24 receptions for 462 yards and five touchdowns as a junior, is excited about the schools that have offered him a scholarship.
"UTEP has a good program, and I know if I go over there now I have a good chance of playing early because coaches told me if I go there I could play as a freshman," Anderson said. "To have that opportunity would be great.
"Nevada, I didn't know that much about their program, but they're in the WAC, and I hear they have a good, high-powered offense. That's what I look for in a team, and hopefully if I go there I can contribute to that."
But at this point, UCLA and Boise State are schools that really stand out to him.
"Out of all the schools, it's tied between UCLA and Boise State," Anderson said. "UCLA, I've just got a lot of background there because my father and my uncle went there, and I go visit the school often. I used to go there as a little kid and watch their games, so I've got a lot of history over there and a lot of my family went there. With Boise State, I just like their program. They pass a lot, and that's what I'm looking for. They win a lot of bowl games and they win a lot of games. They've been doing really good in the WAC and winning WAC championships, and I like that."
Anderson plans on having a busy summer visiting schools and camps.
"This summer I'm planning to go to Boise State, Arizona, Arizona State, Oregon, Cal," Anderson said. "My sophomore year, I did the UCLA camp. This spring, I did the Under Armour camp and the NIKE Training Camp at USC. That was real good, that went real good for me. There was a lot of talent there and I shined, it went well."
Don't look for a decision any time soon for Anderson.
"I plan to go through the process for a while," Anderson said. "But if I feel real strong with a team and its coaches and I talk to my parents and family, and if I feel it's time, I'm ready to pull the trigger at any moment."
Anderson feels like he could be an impact player at receiver.
"I've played the game my whole life and I know the game," he said. "I'm not just talented, I'm smart. I'm a team leader, route running, speed, blocking and helping the quarterback. I play my role and help my team out."