Amies decision will come Friday

The decision day is finally set in stone for Tyler (Texas) Lee wide receiver Jacob Amie.
The 6-foot-3, 224-pounder says that he'll make his commitment to the school of his choice on Friday. His decision date was the only mystery due to the fact that his destination looks pretty clear.
"It's probably going to be Texas Tech," Amie said. "That's the school I've wanted to go to for a long time. They were the first school to recruit me and they say I could get game time very early as a receiver."
Amie says the main reason that his No. 1 team, Tech, is ahead of his No. 2 team, Nebraska, has a lot to do with position.
"Nebraska wants me to play an H-back or a tight end role," Amie said. "They said I could play their early too, but I prefer receiver."
The one catch to the situation is that Amie plans to take several official visits after committing.
"I haven't told any coaches I'm planning to do that, but that's what I'm hoping to get done," Amie said. "I've only been to two campuses – Texas A&M and Baylor. I might see something on a visit and I can't really talk to most of the coaches because they can't call and they don't have my new number."
Amie is rated as the No. 72 overall prospect in the state of Texas.