Amie has new visit schedule

Things seem to be shaping up for Tyler (Texas) Lee wide receiver Jacob Amie, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a slew of visits coming up.
The 6-foot-4, 224-pound Texas Tech commit was supposed to visit the Red Raiders this past weekend, but a conflict in schedules kept him home. However, he did host both Tech coaches and Nebraska coaches this past week for in-home visits and has his new trip schedule lined up.
"The coaches from Texas Tech came down to talk to me last week and we talked for about two or three hours," Amie said. "It was a really good visit. Sunday, the Nebraska coach came down and I talked to him for a while.
"I didn't make it to Tech for the visit, but I believe I'm going down there now on Jan. 13. I was going to Nebraska this weekend, but now I'm going down there on Dec. 15."
Amie says that he is still, as he has been, very much committed to Tech but is still looking at his options. Regardless of how his first official visit goes to Nebraska, he plans to make it to at least Tech and a few others.
"I'm planning on taking all five of my official visits," Amie said. "I'm going to Tech, Nebraska, and Oklahoma State. I'm also going to try to get out to Colorado."
At this point, regardless of other visits, the Huskers and Red Raiders are in a heated battle for his services.
"They're dead-even to me right now," Amie said. "It's getting kind of tough on me. I'm having a hard time trying to decide. With Nebraska, they run a pro-style offense and put a whole lot of people in the NFL. I believe they also have one the highest graduation rate around 95 percent.
"Texas Tech, coach Mike Leach told me that I'd get at least 12 balls a game and they throw the ball a whole lot. They've got great academic support as well and I know I could play as a freshman."
One major difference between the two schools is position. Amie says that at Tech, he would be strictly an outside receiver. At Nebraska, he would fill the role of an H-back, tight end, or hybrid wide receiver.
What will make the difference has to do with how he feels on the visit.
"I want to see what the atmospheres are like, how the fans are, and meet all the coaches," Amie said. "That's going to be the biggest thing with my decision."
Arkansas recently inquired about Amie and his transcripts. They are also possibly in the process of offering, according to the East Texas receiver.