Allens travel continues

A.J. Allen's recruitment includes every ounce of junior college uncertainty available to it. He has no single frontrunner and hasn't yet settled on a decision date. As for when he'll arrive on the campus of his choice, that's up in the air too.
Could be December. Could be May. It all depends on which program he picks. He'll worry about that later. First Allen must choose. His is an old-fashioned JUCO recruitment in its purest form.
"I'm gunning for December, but that depends on if my biology class transfers to the school I pick," Allen said. "I took it online, so it's weird. If it transfers to wherever I pick, I'll be out in December. If not, I'll have to wait until May."
A 6-foot-7, 215-pound tackle from California's Grossmont Community College, Allen holds 10 scholarship offers. He has named a top five consisting of Kansas State, Purdue, Kansas, USF and Arkansas State.
The only visit in the book so far is an Oct. 25 tour of K-State. Allen keeps his thoughts on the visit short, as he'd like to see the campuses of the rest of his finalists before getting carried away raving about any one program.
"I liked it," Allen said of K-State. "It was a nice area and a nice trip. It's a good little college town, so I liked that."
Allen has plans to visit each of his other finalists in the near future. The last trip on the docket is a December trip to USF. Purdue and Arkansas State will have their days in between. But the next school he'll see is Kansas, which has long since started its pitch.
"KU is telling me that I can come in right away and start," Allen said. "They're also telling me that Kansas State is more of a country place and that Kansas is more liberal and more urban."
Allen will be in campus in Lawrence for the Jayhawks' Nov. 29 game with K-State. His final visit will be to USF, a decision will come on the heels of his return form Florida.
"It's going to be the day before signing day, right after the USF visit," he said.