Allen QB even better than brother

People looking for the perfect way to groom blue-chip Division I quarterbacks might want to take a look at the Dick household in Allen, Texas. After sending Casey Dick to Arkansas in the class of 2005, there is another branch of the family tree that has sprouted another talented quarterback.
Meet class of 2007 star quarterback Nathan Dick.
Dick (6-foot-3 and 194 pounds) hopes to carry the family banner high over the next two seasons and he's already doing what he can to show that he too has the tools to be a successful college quarterback.

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"I'm a pocket passer that has a good arm," Dick said. "I can read coverages well. I think once I get out there and learn more about what the other team's defenses are going to do and get more experience; I have a shot at being pretty good."
Better that his brother?
"I don't know," Dick said. "Some people think I am, but some people think he is. I think we're just even right now. He would probably say he was better. He's cocky. I'm cocky, too, though."
Still Casey and Nathan do have a close relationship, and it's a bond that carries over to the football field, too.
"He would help me a out a lot at home," Dick said. "He would tell me what to expect and what coverages the other team would be playing. He talked to me about what type of coverages they would play in this situation. He has helped me out a lot."
Dick does have some things he wants to improve on before he is ready to play at the next level. The good news is that he has time since he will only be a junior, but he said he still is working hard either way.
"I need to improve my speed and footwork," he said. "That's something I have a little time to work on, but it's also something that's important on me to fix and get better at."
Dick said he's already thinking of his future and at this point don't expect him to venture too far from the Lone Star State.
"I've gotten letters from people, but don't know what ones I like the best," Dick said. "I like to go somewhere in Texas. I'd go to Arkansas and be with Casey, but I have to do what's best for me."