Allen is getting popular

After winning a state championship, Marcus Allen is starting to see his recruitment pick up. The safety from Upper Marlboro (Md.) Wise has four offers from Duke, Maryland, Pittsburgh and Old Dominion and is hearing from many other BCS schools.
"Everything's been going well," said the 6-foot-2, 188-pound Allen. "I've got four offers so far and I have a lot of interest from Vanderbilt, Clemson, South Carolina, Penn State, West Virginia and the list goes on."
Are any schools sticking out to Allen right now?

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"Everything's equal so far," he said. "I like all my offers and I really like Maryland and Pitt so far.
"I know that they are a big family up at Penn State and they stick together," Allen said. "They all have a good relationship and their coaches are pretty cool, so I like that.
"I like Duke a lot," he said. "Coach Jim Knowles is the one recruiting me and he teaches the safeties very well and he has sent some defensive backs to the NFL so they're on the right track. They had a really good season this year also.
"I like Vanderbilt a lot too. Coaches down there send me a lot of mail and I've spoken to some of them on the phone," Allen explained. "I haven't been to Clemson or South Carolina. I've had a busy year this year so I'm going to try to go down there this offseason."
Maryland and Pitt will be changing conferences soon and Allen thinks it will benefit each team.
"That's a big move the Terps made and I like that," he said. "There's a lot of competition in the Big Ten and that's very attractive to me.
"I think the ACC is a better place for Pitt than the Big East because there will be more competition for them also," said Allen. "They're also going to be going up against a lot of good teams."
Now that Allen's season is over he can focus on taking some visits.
"I think I'm going to visit to West Virginia again," he said. "I also want to go to Penn Sate, South Carolina and North Carolina."
Allen finished his season with two interceptions, nine pass-breakups, two forced fumbles and 70 tackles.