Allen at two offers

Hilliard (Fla.) athlete Marcus Allen was surprised by his first offer. Earlier this week, it came from an out-of-state program.
"SMU is my first offer," Allen said. "My coach came and told me at school about it. It was just out of the blue. I haven't talked to the staff at SMU yet, I haven't been able to call them yet."
While Allen has yet to speak with the coaches at Southern Methodist, he did hear from his coach why June Jones and staff are interested in him.

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"They told my coach that they think I am a great athlete and they know they could use me," Allen said. "I think he mentioned something about running back or linebacker, either of those two positions."
At this point, Allen doesn't know a great deal about the Mustangs.
"I saw a little bit of the 30-for-30 about them on ESPN," Allen said. "I also saw them play once on TV. That is about it as far as what I know about them so far."
In addition to SMU, Allen has also heard from Arizona State, Rice, Syracuse, Western Kentucky, and Wisconsin.
While the Conference USA program is interested in Allen as a running back or linebacker, other programs such as Wisconsin have mentioned defensive back. At this stage of his recruitment, his eventual position is not a major concern for Allen.
"I don't really have a preference right now," Allen said. "I just want to play whichever position I can be most successful at."
On Thursday, Allen picked up his second offer from Florida Atlantic. He believes more are going to come when spring football begins.
"I think Syracuse might be the next school to offer," Allen said. "It could also be Wisconsin. I am also supposed to call the Rice coach."
In addition to playing football, Allen is also a basketball player for Hilliard.