All-American Chat: Rueben Randle

SAN ANTONIO - The No.1 player in the nation, Rueben Randle, stopped by for a chat with Rivals.com users in the recruiting message board Monday afternoon live from the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio. The following is a transcript of the chat:
Since Mike Farrell didn't get around to asking him in his interview, I'd like to know Ruebens Thoughts on possibly playing with Russel Shepard.
- 03_TIGERS_07

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Rueben Randle - I think it would be fun because he's a great athlete. He'd be able to buy time for receivers to be able to get down field. I'm thinking it would be exciting for me and him to be on the same team and on the same side of the ball.
Rueben, is there a possibility that Ole Miss might sneak in an official visit? i know you were interested in them at some point.
- rebsfan09
Randle - Right now, I don't think so. I already have a visualization of the visits that I'm going to go on in January after the game.
There have been reports that playing opposite another elite WR was a plus for you. Just how important is that to you and will it weight heavliy in your decision?
- dblplay1212
Randle - It's a big part because you always want to play on the opposite side of a player that can take pressure off you. I see it as a plus as not being able to get double-teamed and the defense just can't focus on just one person.
My Question is can you list the positives/negatives of each school that you're looking at. LSU,Bama,Oklahoma,& the U?
- TL3
Rnadle - I don't necesarily see a negative with any of the schools. I just want to make sure that I make the right decision.
The postivies about LSU is that I know I have the possibilty of coming in and playing early. With Terrance Tolliver and Brandon Lafell they can help me and get me where I need to be as a receiver in the SEC.
Alabama, I really have an opportunity of coming in and being a playmaker. They were really able to pass to one receiver consistenly. I feel like I can come in as a freshman and take some of the pressure off and help them in the passing game.
Oklahoma is losing three of their senior receivers. They are looking for a receiver that can come in and play a major impact as a freshman. i feel like I have the opporutnity there. Their offense is balanced with both passing and running so it'd be a great opportunity to come in and make plays.
Miami is young and the only direction they can move is up. I feel I can come in and help them and get them back to the Miami they used to be. They can develop me into the first round recevier that they're used to producing.
Also can you tell us who you look up to as a football player, and who would you compare yourself too??
- TL3
Randle - Oh wow ... I kind of like how Randy Moss plays in situations in a game. There's different types of receivers I like. It all depends on what they bring to the table. I try to develop my game as close as possible to their's.
Do you see a positive in progressing in your legendary status in Louisiana at LSU?
- tigerchim
Randle - Yeah, that is a positive to stay in Louisiana and going to your in-state school. It's nice to represent your in-state school because that's where you grew up with as a child. Friends and family can come and see you play.
Reuben, which WR out of the schools you are considering do you think would take the most pressure off of you?
- Redbamatime
Randle - Well, it's basically a situation where there's a receiver at all five of the schools that I'm considering that would take the pressure off me. You have Terrance Tolliver and (Brandon) Lafell at LSU. You have Julio (Jones) at Alabama. You have Dez Bryant at Oklahoma State. You have (Laron) Byrd at Miami. Oklahoma has (Ryan) Broyles."
Do you look at coaching philosophy on offense?
- crm160
Randle - Yeah, you want to go into a situation where the coaches can help you out and develop as the best player you can be. You want to be able to come out and play at your best game.
When factoring in playing with other good receivers, what other criteria do you look at? Do you look at the quarterback situation?
- crm160
Randle - Yeah, because you want to go to a school where the quarterback is going to be able to get the ball to the recievers. I think that's going to weight heavily on my decision.
Have any schools approached you about playing a position other then receiver (quarterback, namely)?
- maizeandblue92
Randle - No, not that I know of.
Thanks for the questions. Watch the game on Saturday.