All-American Chat: Morgan Moses

SAN ANTONIO - Rivals.com's No. 1 offensive lineman, Morgan Moses thought he would make his decision this upcoming Saturday on national television but because of recent changes, Moses will now take visits. Today Moses stopped by for a chat following the first day of practice.
Did the Alabama staff directly tell you that you would definitely redshirt if you went to Alabama? - dblplay1212
Morgan Moses - They kind of told me that they wanted me to redshirt.

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When did Ohio State first start to really come on strong in recruiting you? How often do you talk with them? Which coach is recruiting you? - alexr511
Moses - During the summer. I talk to them maybe once a week. Coach Tressel is the main coach I talk to.
Is OU still in the mix? - TU 98
Moses - OU is a new offer so I'm just kind of looking into it now. I just got the offer.
What about UNC appeals to you and did you enjoy your unofficial visit there this season? - Maxout
Morgan Moses - I'm taking an official on Jan. 9 to UNC. I went to see them play Notre Dame and it was a real good game. The atmosphere was good. Playing time and playing early are the most appealing things.
Are you originally from the state of Virgina? How much pressure are you receiving from fans of the respective in-state schools to attend the place they cheer for? - Nomad_Hokie
Moses - Yeah, I'm orginally from Virginia. Not really (as far as in-state pressure).
What has happened with Tennessee since the coaching change? - fsufsu
Moses - Since the new coaching change I've only talked to them once. Tennessee is a good place and I liked it when I went there, but right now it's not one of my choices.
Tell us what you liked about Coach Phil Fulmer and the Tennessee family? What's your ideal playing weight? - JR Vol
Moses - Coach Fulmer especially was a real good coach and he played a big part in the line and for me, that being my position, was a really big part. They were more of a family and I just liked how they jelled together. I really just think he was a couple players short from having a really good team. 320 pounds.
Morgan, any chance you give OU a visit? - dahldennsull
Moses - Right now I'm thinking about taking a visit to OU but until I find out more about the program it's kind of up in the air.
What is your primary draw to each of your finalists? What is your primary concern with each of your finalists? National Signing Day announcement? What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses? Do you speak to other recruits regarding the schools you are considering? - dooksux
Moses - Yes. (on Signing Day announcement) My strength is run blocking but overall, I can improve my overall game. I speak to a lot of recruits but not really about schools or where I'm going.
Will you take an official visit to Virginia despite your close proximity and familiarity with the program? - wahoo3328
Moses - Right now that one is up in the air too. It's a good program. It's between Virginia Tech and UVa for which one I'm going to take an official to.
What about Ohio State appeals to you the most? When are you taking a visit to OSU? And is the chance to play with a QB like Terrelle Pryor a big factor in your decision? - Str1k3r42
Moses - I don't know when I'm taking an official yet (He's definitely taking one). Playing time plays a big factor and playing in front of a big quarterback like Terrell Pryor is a factor too. It's a nice bonus. He can make you look good if you do bad and he's going to be there another three years.
Also, describe your relationship with UNC QB Commit Bryn Renner and how that will factor in your decision. - tarheelcoach
Moses - We played in the all-star game in Hawaii together. He probably texts me like every day.
How does Alabama stand with your recruiting? What do you think about coach Nick Saban? - Crimson Trojan
Moses - It's hard to say. They're definitely a good program and I could see myself playing there, but if they're going to redshirt me, I'd rather not be redshirted. Saban is a real good coach and the things he has done turning that around, he's a real good coach and I'm not taking anything away from that program.
My question is, how much of an impact does playing at a school who will take you to the next level factor in to your decision and what school do you think will give you the best chance to get to that goal? - Kainframe
Moses - That's very big, big factor. If I can I'm trying to stay for three years.
Will distance from home play any role in making your college choice? What are the main factors in making your final decision? - Karich
Moses - No, distance won't be a factor. The main factors are playing time, winning games, playing for championships and playing for coaches that are going to be there for however many years I'm going to be there.
What defensive player on your team you played against today impressed you the most? - maizeandblue92
Moses - 73, Will Campbell. His speed for being so big. He's a hilarious cat too.