All-American Chat: Jarvis Jones

SAN ANTONIO - Columbus (Ga.) Carver linebacker Jarvis Jones has already taken official visits to Georgia and USC and will take three more in January. Today he stopped by to chat about the recruiting process. Here's a recap.
What interest's you about Texas? Also with Muschamp being named head coach in waiting, how does that affect where Texas stands in your top schools? - hornjbob
Jarvis Jones - Texas is a great. I've known coach Muschamp since sophomore in high school and I have developed a great relationship with him. Texas has very young players. Coach Muschamp has done a great job with the defense. He's the coach in waiting so if I go to Texas, I'll know he'll be there and we'll continue our relationship.

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What is the single most important factor in making your decision? - LT Dawg07
Jones - Comfortability and relationship with my position coach.
What are you looking forward to most on each of your remaining official visits? - Scout88
Jones - Just looking where I stand on the depth chart and how comfortable I am. I know they all have great programs, great facilities. Basically I'm looking where I fit in.
You grew up a Gator fan. What impact, if any, does that have in your decision? - gatorphi
Jones - Everybody thinks that because I grew up a Gator fan, they think I'm going to Florida, but I'm looking for the best place possible for me.
When you look at schools and see a history of good Linebackers, does that impact your decision at all? Is there any school that stands out in that aspect? - jwren
Jones - It does somewhat, but I'm just looking at what the future holds for me and what the university can do for me. If I just look at good linebackers, it would probably be USC and Georgia that stand out.
Will the upcoming decision of Brandon Spikes influence your decision? Also how will distance factor into the decision? - longhorn34
Jones - Absoultely not. Wherever I go, I'll do whatever it takes to get on the field. I know nothing is given and I'm going to give everything I got. No, distance will not play a factor.
How will the opportunity for early playing time affect your decision? - jsy60
Jones - It will be great to play early, but just like anyobdy else, if I don't go in and learn the system, I don't deserve it. Hopefully that won't happen.
Congrats on making it to the All-American game. Have you developed any friendships with any recruits currently committed to Florida or that are seriously considering them? - Swamp_Thing
Jones - I really haven't, but I've been talking to some guys here, but we haven't exchanged phone numbers. We have been talking just not too much about recruiting.
From your five finalists do you feel like you have a special relationship with one or two coaches above the rest? If so, which coaches? - gatorswinMOORE
Jones - Not really, but I think all of the coaches are great coaches and I've developed a great relationship with them. We don't talk much about recruiting anymore, just life. I know they want to coach me.
What do you have planned for your off-season training regimen? What do you feel you need to improve upon the most, for the next level? - erictheviking
Jones - I'm trying to get a Yoga class for flexibility. I'm going to start my workout and whomever I sign with, they are going to send me a workout plan and I'll do that and be ready to step on the field in June. I can always improve strength, speed and technique.
Do you see yourself blitzing a lot on the college level? What NFL LB's do you model your game after and look up to? - ptrain37
Jones - In high school, I never blitzed, but whatever is going to take me to the next level and make me stand out, I'm going to use it to the best of my ability. I have no problem blitzing and it's probably something I need to work on. To tell you the truth, I really don't watch the NFL.
You and Branden Smith are considered Georgia's top 2 prospects according to Rivals.com and are looking at a lot of the same schools. Does your relationship with Branden play into your decision? - Cisco
Jones - Me and Brandon are real cool, but he's going to make the best decision for him and I'll make the best decision for me.
How did you feel about your injury and not being able to play in the last couple of rounds of the playoffs? - Gator_Raid
Jones - It really hurt. I was talking to my team before the game about playing hard and any play could be your last and that same night, it happened to me where I got hurt. But I had great senior season and it went by kind of fast.