Aldine DB firm on No. 1

If you asked star Aldine (Texas) defensive back Terrance Anderson several years ago if before his senior season he would be staring at a stack of scholarship offers, he might have laughed it off - today is a different story.
His top five shifts pretty rapidly, but with so many offers it's understandable to say the least. Two teams seem pretty constant in the fold at all times and those continue to stay at the top. However, the rest have moved and shifted just a bit.
"Well, I have a top five and it goes Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, then Wisconsin, Northwestern, and Nebraska," Anderson said. "Utah is also in that last spot with Nebraska there."
Northwestern was the first school to offer Anderson and that's why he explained that they remain in the fold and probably will until a decision is made. Oklahoma apparently is a clear cut No. 1 because of their tradition-rich history of winning.
"If you get an offer from Oklahoma and you don't look at it, you've got to be crazy," Anderson said. "They're one of the most winning programs out there. Oklahoma State is a staff I've spent time with and got to know. Wisconsin has a great head coach and Nebraska has a new system with young guys in the system."
So when will Anderson start whittling down that massive offer list in order to make a decision?
"I'm going to take some trips in the fall to Oklahoma and Oklahoma State," he said. "I'm going to weigh my options. The season hasn't even started yet, and with all these offers you have to look at everything coming your way."
Anderson also is now not only the No. 20 overall prospect in Texas but also a member of the Rivals250.
"That's a wonderful feeling, coming up over in Aldine with this type of environment," he said. "No one would have ever thought about it so I guess hard work paid off."