Alabama hosts beast 2015 DT Settle

Tim Settle is one of the most sought after recruits in the 2015 class. The defensive tackle from Manassas (Va.) Stonewall Jackson was at Alabama to check out the team that currently ranks third in his top five.
"The visit was great," said the 6-foot-2, 307-pound Settle. "We got down there on Sunday and came back on Monday afternoon. I just worked out on Sunday. I thought I did well out there. It was fun. The coaches were fun and they have good personalities. I liked working with Coach Rumph. He would pull me aside and tell me how to do something the right way."
Settle was able to spend some time talking with Coach Saban as well.

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"I talked to Coach Saban in his office," he said. "He was telling me the SEC is the best conference. He said how it has the best competition. I would have the best chance to go to the NFL. It was cool to spend time with him."
There a few things that really got Settle's attention while on the visit.
"It was my first time going to Alabama," he said. "I love the facilities. I would say the best part of my visit was going on a personal tour of the campus. I got to see the campus, academic center, facilities, dorms, apartments and the dining halls. I plan on going back to Alabama this fall for a game.
"What I like most about Alabama is they are a program that is organized for success," said Settle. "I got to talk to all of the coaches. My favorite was Coach Thompson and we keep in close contact. I like him a lot. He is one of my favorites coaches I talk to out of all the schools."
There is still plenty of time before Settle makes his decision for the Crimson tide to jump Virginia and Ohio State in his top five but it doesn't sound like there will be any changes right now.
"I'm still thinking about it. I'm not going to change my list right now," he said. "It will change but I don't know when I'm going to do it and what the moves will be. Alabama definitely impressed me."
Settle has another college visit planned for tomorrow.
"I'm going to North Carolina tomorrow. I was down there before but only saw the campus while I was on a bus," Settle said. "I want to be able to see the academic center and be able to walk around and see the community. I've already seen the facility but I want to see where I would stay and how everything would be down there. My favorite coach down there is Walt Bell. He's really funny and knows what he is talking about."
Settle's official top five in order is Virginia, Ohio State, Alabama, Vanderbilt and Florida.