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Ala. RB names leader

Orwin Smith is a three-star running back prospect from Phenix City (Ala.) Central High School. For Smith, he has a leader and it's really not a big surprise.
"I would say Auburn is No. 1," Smith said. "I like the offense and it's close to home. I have been camping there and going to games at Auburn for three years now. I have good feel for the school and I like coaches. I know them all and feel real comfortable with Auburn."
This summer Smith camped with the Tigers twice, once for his teammates and once for himself.
"It was a great first camp because I was trying to get my teammates some exposure. Auburn is nothing new to me so I just took my friends and tried to have a good time. I wanted to give them a good experience. The second camp was more for me. Coach (Tony) Franklin wanted to look at me and see how I fit into their offense. It was a good camp. I think I fit in great with that offense. We moved to the spread and it won't be anything new to me. I have the skill set to play in the spread."
With Auburn as Smith's front runner there are four other teams still in the hunt – Alabama, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech and Clemson.
"I went to Alabama and saw a great overall place. The campus is great and when you walk inside everything is top notch, top of the line. Everything, the locker rooms, fields, and offices. I really think coach (Nick) Saban will turn that program around. They will be great in the future. It was a great experience.
"Vanderbilt is a good school. That program is building for future for sure. I like what they are doing.
"I like the offense at Georgia Tech. Being a running back how could you not like that offense? I know I would get touches with the ball at Georgia Tech.
"I have not gotten a chance to know too much about Clemson but from what I see they are a great team and they are in the race for No. 1 this season. I know Clemson has a great home game atmosphere. I plan on going to visit them and experience a home game."
Because Smith has been to Alabama, Georgia Tech and Auburn he is thinking of taking official visits to both Vandy and Clemson before he makes his decision.
Smith, 6-0 and 190 pounds, rushed for 1,278 yards and a dozen scores. He can also catch the ball out of the backfield and has versatility to his game.
"We started last Monday and installed the spread," Smith said. "The offense is starting to click and we should be a top team and the team to beat in the region."
Phenix City Central will play Columbus (Ga.) Carver in one week (8-14) in a pre-season scrimmage.