Akers ready for big 2007

Bakersfield (Calif.) Liberty Union three-star defensive end Matt Akers has big goals for the 2007 season.
"I definitely like to break my sacks total from last year and hopefully up my number of tackles," he said. "I just want to get everything up and help the team. I also definitely have a lot of team goals as far as where our team goes. I expect championships and I plan on going far."
And so far Akers, who is 6-foot-3 and 240 pounds, likes what he's seen of his squad.
"We just ended our first week of school and we're out there practicing every day," Akers said. "We're just running through things, getting ready for our first game. We play this Friday. They have a good team, but I think if we play on hard and 100 percent on Friday, we can shut them down and move the ball on offense. If we're all focused we can get it done.
"I have real high expectations for this team. We have a lot of good guys coming back, a lot of seniors. We're all really wanting to put together a good season and maybe take down a championship."
Akers also is enjoying the recruiting process. He does have several offers on the table and is working hard on adding even more.
"I hear from Fresno, Ole Miss, San Diego State, Colorado State, Washington State and Utah," Akers, who is ranked as the nation's No. 23 defensive end, said. "I've gotten verbal offers from Fresno, San Diego State and Colorado State. Now we're just waiting to see how things go this season. They want to see how my grades come out and how my SAT scores look.
"I know I'm signed up for a lot (of SAT tests) so I've been taking some courses to get my scores up higher, but I'm not sure what the dates are."
One team has been working Akers really hard.
"Fresno has been with me a lot with letters and helping me with grades and qualifying and stuff," Akers said. "Pat Hill has been working with me and sticking with me, and I appreciate it a lot.
"I've gone to visit on an unofficial, and we were there for one of our camps that our whole team goes to that they hold for some Fresno teams. So I was there for a couple days. I haven't gotten any official visits set up, but I've taken unofficial visits so far to Fresno and San Diego State. I liked it at Fresno State. I got to go see the campuses and the weight rooms, where all the dorms are and stuff like that."
Akers said location will be a key factor in his decision, but he's also got a few other things in mind.
"How I feel about the school, if I like the school, and if I like the atmosphere will also be key factors," Akers said. "That's going to be what my decision is based on. How their program is and stuff like that. I'm kind of just open for right now, waiting for the time to come. When it comes I'll be able to make that decision."