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AJ Swann's a big get for Maryland

AJ Swann had a big junior season. The 6-foot-2, 190 pound quarterback out of Canton (Ga.) Cherokee threw for almost 2,200 yards and 21 touchdowns in 10 games.

It was difficult for him, and for most that played in 2020, because of no spring practice, the lack of summer workouts, and practices having unusual limits due to the pandemic.

Swann pushed through, he is a very hard worker, and Maryland has landed his commitment.

"It was a pretty tough decision, really because of the offers coming in a little later for me, but I knew Maryland was the school," said Swann. "I knew I didn't want to wait too long to commit, and I have had Maryland high on my list since they offered, so it did not take me long to make my decision."

Swann announced his commitment March 1, in honor of his late grandfather's birthday, but the decision was made a couple of weeks ago.

If you know Swann, then you know he is always training, competing, and working to get better. He was on his way to getting more work in with his quarterback coach, Tony Ballard, and that is when the decision was made.

"I was talking to coach Locksley on my way to a workout, and as soon as I hung up, I knew I was going to Maryland. I had that feeling. So I thought to myself for a minute, then facetimed coach Locksley back, and told him of my decision.

"Then I texted coach Brawley Evans and coach Dan Enos to let them know, and everyone was excited.

"I think caught them by surprise a little with my commitment. They were excited about getting me. Coach Locksley said he was expecting to get me, but not this early, so he was a little surprised. All were excited and pumped up about my commitment."

There were a few things that set Maryland apart from schools like Colorado, South Florida, and Vanderbilt, but one big one was the combination of head coach Mike Locksley and offensive coordinator Dan Enos.

"I love the coaches at Maryland, and what they have done in the past. Coach Locksley and coach Enos are offensive-minded coaches, they know about quarterbacks and offenses, so that really excited me about the future.

"They have run great offenses that put up big numbers, and it is great feeling that I have a chance to be a part of that at Maryland.

"The opportunity to play early is something I like too, and I love the fit for me at quarterback, and I love the competition I will face at Maryland, but the biggest key for me was the coaches I will be working with and playing for."

Swann stayed patient. He waited his turn. All recruits have their own journey, and Swann's ended with him picking the school in College Park.

It was a true process for him, especially with the pandemic changing everything over the last 11 months, but in the end, he got to where he's dreamed about being since he started playing football at the age of four.

"My dream has been to play Power 5 football, so when I started getting the bigger offers, I knew I was going that direction," said Swann. "I have been dreaming of this my whole life, so it feels great to be here.

"It was easy at first, because I only had that one offer from Troy, but as more offers came in, things got tougher, and I had a lot more to think about.

"Maryland just stood out though. I visited there with a teammate in the past, so I know about the area, and I love the coaches, so to be able to go play in the Big Ten at Maryland is like a dream come true."