Ahmeti appreciates his opportunities

Lansing (Mich.) Waverly offensive lineman Ramadan Ahmeti has been receiving interest from several Big Ten, Mid-American and Big East college programs since last fall. The 6-5, 280-pound Ahmeti counts himself fortunate to have several Division 1 programs interested in his abilities because he knows his circumstance could have been different.
"I'm Albanian and I was born in Kosovo. When I was five or six we moved to Lansing and ever since then we've lived here," Ahmeti said. "I definitely appreciate the opportunity just to even play high school football because I know if I was back home in Albania I probably would not have the same opportunities that I have now."
Ahmeti's move to Lansing put him in the backyard of Michigan State University, and growing up they were the first team he associated with when it came to college football.
"I'm a big fan of State," Ahmeti said. "They are ten minutes away from me. I just grew up watching them and was a fan of them."
Michigan State is one of several schools showing interest in Ahmeti. The offensive line prospect does not hold any scholarship offers yet, but he will have many opportunities to earn offers based on the number of teams sending mail.
"I've gotten mail from [Michigan] State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Louisville, Cincinnati, Indiana and Central [Michigan]," Ahmeti reported. "Michigan, Wisconsin, Toledo and Central - I've talked to them. They have told me to stay in contact with them and go to their camps. I've got a Junior Day this Saturday at Central and I'll probably [visit] the ones that are most interested in me like Wisconsin, Michigan and Michigan State.
Ahmeti's weight is down from 310 pounds last spring to 280 pounds now. He used constant physical activity and a workout routine to drop the bad weight and transform himself into a better conditioned athlete.
"Basically, the whole summer I lived in the weight room," Ahmeti said. "I also did shot put in track and basketball. That helped me lose some of that weight."
In the weight room, Ahmeti's bench press was up to 280 pounds and his squat max is up to 430 pounds. He used his improved physique to earn all-conference and all-area honors for his play as a junior.
"Since freshman year was my first year of playing football, mentally the [first two years] the game was fast to me. I think this year I better understood what I was doing and it was easier for me," Ahmeti said. "I try to finish every play, make sure my man is on the ground and go to the whistle. I know a lot of coaches say that, but I really do try to do that every play."
This winter, Ahmeti is playing center for the Waverly basketball team. In his most recent game Tuesday night he scored 12 points and pulled down nine rebounds.