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Agholor sheds some light on recruiting

TAMPA, Fla. - Five-star Tampa (Fla.) Berkeley Prep athlete Nelson Agholor is a wanted man. Every school in the country wants him on their team. Every weekend a different school wants him on their campus.
His most recent visit was when he made his way to Florida State for their game against then No. 1 Oklahoma. Agholor called the match-up in Tallahassee a 'Battle of Juggernauts'.
"The atmosphere was second-to-none," Agholor said. "I haven't been to a college game with an atmosphere like that. You have two top five teams going at it and everybody is excited. Everybody wants their team to win."
"The stadium was packed," Agholor added. "The fans were into it 100-percent. There were times where I had to sit down because there were some fans that thought they were playing themselves. It was a wonderful game and it is a game that I was lucky to see, not everyone gets that opportunity."
During the visit, Agholor said he was able to catch up with Lawrence Dawsey, his primary recruiter for the Seminoles. He also had other recruits, some of whom are committed to the Seminoles, in his ear about joining them in Tallahassee. He said their pitches are not necessary as he recognizes the positives associated with the program.
"Florida State sells itself," Agholor said. "It's a great program."
While Florida State made a good impression, they are far from the last one to likely get a shot. With the likes of Florida, Notre Dame, Texas, and dozens of others actively pursuing him, other visits will come. He also visited nearby South Florida earlier this season for a game.
At this point, the next known visit for Agholor will be next weekend.
"I have spoken with coaches (at Notre Dame) and we have a bye week so I think I am going to go up there to Notre Dame on my bye week for an official visit," Agholor said. "That will be my first official."
As for other official visits, those weren't known at this time.
"There are so many universities that are great right now in this process," Agholor said. "Each day I stay in contact with them and when I find an opening time, I am going to try my best to take one."
The 6-foot-2, 180-pound athlete, who likely ends up at wide receiver in college, hasn't unveiled a narrowed list. That doesn't mean he doesn't have one.
"These universities know where I stand with them," Agholor said. "There are universities that call me and I don't hesitate to pick up, even if I am busy. I know I am a priority to them and in this recruiting process they are a priority to me."
"I have cut some down," Agholor added. "I definitely have. Like I said, there are people that I call and I pick up."
As for why he has been hesitant to officially shut the door on anybody, Agholor said it is simply a matter of trying to not disrespect any school that has made the effort to land his services.
"You are being recruited by so many great people and it is so hard to tell somebody no," Agholor said. "So right now you want to make sure you are keeping everything level with everybody."
On the season, Agholor has 49 rushes for 506 yards and 10 touchdowns. He also has a receiving touchdown on the season.