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Agholor impressed in Norman

Tampa (Fla.) Berkeley Prep five-star wide receiver Nelson Agholor took an official visit this past weekend traveling to Norman, Oklahoma to check out the Oklahoma Sooners.
"It was a special place," Agholor said. "It had a real football atmosphere to it.
"My expectations were definitely surpassed by what I saw," Agholor added. "I thought of Norman, Oklahoma as a little town, but it is a special place and a place where football is highly respected. The people there really respect their football."
The 6-foot-2, 180-pound wideout said he returned to the Sunshine State with a clear understanding of why the Sooners are regularly in the National Championship picture.
"It is a place that always has a good football team and great tradition, but I wanted to see why they were always successful and I could see why during my time there," Agholor said. "It is a very close group. A close group of guys, young and old. It is also an offensive line factor, and a team goes as the line goes, and they always have a good offensive line."
During the visit, he was able to connect in-depth with numerous players and coaches around the school.
"I mainly got to spend time around the personnel and the players," Agholor said. "I have a lot of respect for them."
Agholor spent a great deal of time with the wide receivers.
"They had nothing bad to say, they all had positive things to say," Agholor said. "They all let it be known that they are there for one reason and one reason only, to play football and compete for championships. They have a great, supporting fanbase and working with a great coaching staff. They said that you have fun while doing that."
Two young wideouts on the roster in particular showed him around and answered any and every question he had about being a student-athlete at Oklahoma.
"I spent a lot of my time with Jaz Reynolds and Kenny Stills," Agholor said. "They talked with me a little bit about how things are there. They are two pretty accomplished players - one played as a true freshman and the other one saw significant minutes this year. Being around those two players, you got a chance to see how they live. Their work isn't done, they are just sophomores, but they showed that there is an opportunity out there."
With regards to the coaching staff, he was shown a great deal of attention by head coach Bob Stoops. He came away very impressed by the Sooners coach who is set to enter his 14th year at the school.
"My conversation with Coach Stoops went well," Agholor said. "I was very impressed with the type of person that he is from day one when we went to the banquet. I saw how he runs things. Very professional but more of a family atmosphere than a business. I like the way he does things. I respect him 100%. He was consistent about his approach, about it being a game and doing it the right way. He didn't throw out statistics or promises trying to swing me."
He also spent a great deal of time with his recruiting coach and prospective position coach, wide receivers coach Jay Norvell.
"He has been the one recruiting me for a while now and he is a good guy also," Agholor said. "He is a great receivers coach and a great person also. He is someone that the receivers spend a lot of time with and Kenny and Jaz definitely can vouch for him for being a good person."
After talking about the way offensive weapons are utilized at Oklahoma and how he would be utilized, Agholor came away convinced he could be an asset to their offensive attack.
"I think I would fit into things very well," Agholor said. "With my approach right now and what I want to do at the college level, I want to make myself as much of an athlete to help the team and contribute. No matter where I play in the offense, I know that they do a good of using you in multiple positions and I feel comfortable that I could contribute in a number of ways for them."
Agholor has previously taken official visits to Florida and Notre Dame. He intends to take all five but has yet to schedule the remaining two.
"I am just taking it one day at a time," Agholor said. "I don't really know yet. I am going to figure that out soon."
At this time, the Central Florida prospect does not claim a public leader. He will likely not do so until he makes his final decision which won't come until after all five official visits.
"After all my visits," Agholor said. "I am going to give it as much time as a need. Whether it is before the deadline or on the deadline, I am going to give it as much time as needed to process everything."
Agholor finished his senior season with 207 rushes for 1,986 yards and 28 rushing touchdowns. He also had nine receptions for 118 yards and two touchdowns.