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Agholor back from Notre Dame

Tampa (Fla.) Berkeley Prep five-star athlete Nelson Agholor took his first official visit this past weekend traveling to South Bend, Indiana to check out Notre Dame. The Irish hosted Air Force.
"It was a great experience. It is a beautiful place. It was special," Agholor said. "I took this opportunity to take a visit with having a bye week and I am happy I did, because I think I took full advantage of it.+"
During his time on campus, Agholor got the full attention of Brian Kelly and his staff. He said their consistent message to him was a simple one.
"What they relayed to me is the opportunity to play wide receiver and play it big and early," Agholor said.
The 6-foot-2, 180-pound athlete who likely ends up at wide receiver in college paid close attention to the play of the Irish wideouts during their 59-33 victory. He said he saw a need for a big-time wide receiver to take his talents to South Bend.
"Yeah, I did," Agholor said. "With Michael Floyd leaving, I feel like there is a void that will need to be filled in that offense. They need a big, big-time receiver and that is something I definitely think I could work towards."
The atmosphere and ambience that surrounds Notre Dame also made an impression on Agholor when he was in and around the stadium.
"I loved it," Agholor said. "That is an area right there where I feel football is number one. The fans, the people there, they back that program up 100% whether they win or they lose. They, right now I think they have a 3-2 record, but you would think they were undefeated with how all of the tickets are selling out. The history of the program is amazing. It has a legacy, people passing tickets down to their grandchildren, they keep the tradition going."
All in all, one of the Sunshine State's best players said the visit made a great impression on him and furthered his understanding of what Notre Dame offers a prospective student-athlete.
"Yeah, definitely," Agholor said. "My understanding of that school is that it has great facilities where football is played at a high level, but most of all I got an understanding of the power of a Notre Dame degree. That is similar to my high school in a lot of ways. When I got there though, I got to see just high of a level they play football at. They definitely have a program with some great players and they can compete with anybody. Michael Floyd is definitely one of the best wide receivers in college football, if not the best, and that is big for me to see."
As for where he and Notre Dame goes from here, he said that he simply expects them to continue to put forth a great deal of effort in hopes of landing his signature come February.
"I know that the coaches are going to come down and see me and continue to recruit me," Agholor said. "Everything still stands open for me, but I know because I took advantage of the opportunity to visit there on an official visit, they are going to bring their recruitment to me a little bit harder and I am OK with that."
Agholor once again stated that he does not claim a leader at this time.
At this time, Agholor has no other visits planned. He said his primary focus is now back on the field with his Berkeley Prep teammates.