Aggies pop onto Popseys list

Texas A&M has made a lot of in-roads lately in the states of Kansas and Oklahoma, and Tulsa (Okla.) East Central three-star inside linebacker Popsey Floyd is the latest to put the Aggies on his list and push them into his favorites.
“They want me to come out for an official visit,” he said. “It’s probably going to be on December 10 or December 17. I just need to get things finalized now. They’ve not made an official offer to me like Kansas State, Tulsa and Oklahoma State have, but I would be interested in seeing what they have for me.
“They told me if I came for a visit, that I’d get an offer.”
Floyd, who is ranked as the No. 24 inside linebacker in the nation, said he’s still pretty open to all of the schools on his list and will visit five schools – liking A&M, Kansas, Kansas State, Arkansas, Missouri or Utah.
“I have good feelings about the schools on my list,” Floyd said. “Coach Young at Kansas is a lot like coaches I’ve had in the past, and I know that he’s serious about football. Missouri and Arkansas seem like they’re ready to offer me, too. And I’ve always liked coach Peterson at K-State. I’ve missed him the past few weeks on the phone. I need to catch up with him.”