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Aggies offer R250 OL Burrell

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Rivals250 offensive lineman Matthew Burrell Jr. has elevated his game. The Woodbridge (Va.) C. D. Hylton star feels his new Texas A&M offer further validates his progress.
"I think I'm doing something right," said the 6-foot-4, 286-pound Burrell. "I'm finding a pattern here. I've improved in the areas I needed to and worked on the right things. When people at these major colleges tell me that it's humbling and it just reminds me that I need to keep pushing."
Burrell is well versed in the Aggies offensive line tradition.
"I know Texas A&M has a lengthy history for linemen," he said. "Right now they have Jake Matthews. Before that they had a left tackle that was a stud too. Jake Matthews' little brother plays center. The right tackle there now is an All-American that could have come out this year. The offensive line coach, coach Anderson, is like a legend for offensive line coaches. It's basically like Nebraska for linemen but in the SEC."
Relationships are very important to Burrell and this one is just in its infancy.
"We just meet a couple days ago," Burrell said. "They have a really upbeat wide receivers coach and I really like that. He's a guy I can related to and talk to. Coach Anderson is a direct guy. He's stern and wants a guy that will come in and do exactly what he says and that's what I need. The relationships I have with them will mean a lot over the next few months. My mom is going to research the academic side and that's when we'll decide if they're going to be in my top ten."
Burrell would like to visit College Station but nothing is definite right now.
"I actually see myself visiting Texas and Texas A&M," he said. "I can't say for a fact that it will happen but I feel like it could because we really want to learn more about them."
Burrell is inching closer and closer to announcing a short list.
"Every time I'm getting ready to announce my top schools another big offer comes in," said Burrell. "First it was Michigan, then Florida and now it's Texas A&M. Marshall also offered the other day also.
"I'll probably narrow down to 10 or 12," he said. "I have a top ten but there are these schools that I want to put in, pull out or rearrange them. When I get another big offer I have figure out what I'm going to do and it keeps pushing this further back. It's going to be so hard to say no to some of these schools."
More than 40 schools have offered Burrell a spot on their team.
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