Agee charting own course

Auburn's Tommie Agee was among the most physical running backs in the Southeastern Conference during the mid-1980s. His son, however, claims he dishes out far more punishment on the field.
"I hit people a lot harder than he did," said Torey Agee.
A 6-foot-4, 240-pound defensive end from Opelika (Ala.), the younger Agee also will likely become a Division I football player. Thus far, Torey has offers from Duke, Vanderbilt, Western Kentucky and South Alabama.

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Additionally, Auburn and Georgia Tech are showing interest.
"It's pretty much a tie ballgame," Agee said. "I'm open to anybody."
Vanderbilt became the most recent program to offer when the Commodores pulled the trigger Thursday. That school not only is appealing to Agee because it plays in the SEC, but because of its noted academics. Agee carries a 4.21 weighted GPA and is thinking about pursuing a degree in computer engineering.
"They've got great academics, which is right up my alley," Agee said. "That's going to be one factor, definitely. They're not the strongest team, but I have a cousin who goes there so that's a good thing."
Agree also seems to be relatively high on Duke.
"They're up there just like everybody else," he said. "Duke had an okay season. They're just starting to build a program."
Auburn's interest in Agee appears to be strong, he said.
"They came by [Thursday]," Agee said. "They said I'm pretty high up on their recruiting board. Hopefully, if I come out and have a good spring and a good senior season I might get an offer."
Even if that should happen, Agee said he wouldn't necessarily be a Tigers lock despite his ties to the program.
"I grew up an Auburn fan, but I'm not waiting on a scholarship from Auburn," Agee said. "I'm open to anywhere."
Thus far, Agee has visited only Auburn and Georgia Tech.
"I went to Georgia Tech for junior day a couple months ago," Agee said. "Wow, it was nice. Just like Duke, they have great academics."