After win, is RB high on the Hawgs

Korey Sutton, the nation’s No. 15 all-purpose back, has been talking about Arkansas and Texas for quite some time now and with the Hawgs and Horns hooking up last weekend, there was little doubt where the 5-foot-10, 190-pounder was at.
“I was in the stands,” Sutton, a three-star prospect, said. “Arkansas ran the ball really good. I honestly kind of expected Arkansas to win. I thought Texas would over-look them since they were an un-ranked team, and I knew that Arkansas would be really up for this game.”
So has he heard from the Hawgs since the big victory?
“Oh yeah, just talked to coach (Bobby) Allen about 30 minutes ago,” Sutton said. “He wasn’t bragging or putting Texas down, which I really respected. He was just asking me how I liked what Arkansas was doing when they were running the ball and asked if I could fit in their system.”
Obviously, Sutton, who has rushed for around 200 yards this season, thinks he can. He has Arkansas in his top four, along with Texas, Missouri and Florida. He has scholarship offers from Arkansas, Colorado, Missouri, Louisiana Tech and Tulsa.
“I don’t know who I would put in that fifth spot,” he said. “Texas Tech and Kansas have just called me and I’m interested in seeing what happens there, but I feel good about my top four teams.”