Adjepong ready for OSU, VTech

Carteret, N.J. defensive end Jason Adjepong took one official visit during his football season, a trip out to Ann Arbor to see Michigan. The 6-foot-3, 248-pounder has two more officials scheduled, starting with Ohio State this weekend followed by Virginia Tech the next. Six schools are currently on his list, so where do they stand?
"My Michigan visit was great, the distance from home is good or else I wouldn't have taken it and I felt comfortable there," he said. "They said they see me in a role like Lamar Woodley which is something I could be successful at.
"I have Ohio State this weekend and then Virginia Tech (Dec. 9). I'd like to take all five official visits so that would include Iowa and Boston College. I don't need to do an official to Rutgers because it's so close but I like them as well. I'm not interested in Miami or Georgia anymore, they're off my list."

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What does he like about the other five schools on his list?
"Ohio State is a great program and I know Malcolm Jenkins there," he said. "He's from Piscataway and knowing someone there allows me to find out how things are. He played this past year as a true freshman so that shows they'll play the guys who are the best regardless of class.
"Virginia Tech I've already been there and it's a little different but nothing I couldn't adapt to. They have a great tradition on defense and the coaches there make the players better.
"Rutgers is my home school and being so close you get to hear the good and the bad. There are some people around who tell me to leave the state and that Rutgers is awful and others who tell me to stay and that it's a great place. I like that I know so much about it and I know the good and the bad.
"Iowa has a good staff and they have a few guys from New Jersey. They play in the Big Ten and have a great following.
"Boston College has good academics and I'm friendly with Brian Toal there. We met this summer and it was one of the best times I've had. He and I are different, but we get along really well. He's a great player from Jersey so that interests me."
Adjepong has a tough decision ahead of him.
"There is pressure to stay at home, but I don't feel it," he said. "People try to put pressure on me to stay in New Jersey and go to Rutgers, but I don't allow that to affect me. Rutgers is a great place for the school and the people and if I go there it won't be for any other reason."
What about their first bowl game in quite some time?
"That doesn't matter," he said. "Teams go to bowl games every year. All the other teams on my list go to bowl games all the time. Like I said, Rutgers would be for the people, the school and to be close to home."
Some think that Michigan has a strong lead for the rush end.
"I honestly don't even know who leads so whoever said that knows more than me," he said. "If I had to pick today, it would be really tough. That's why I want to take all my visits."
Adjepong estimates he made between 90-100 tackles this past season in leading his team to a 9-2 record.
"The first four games I played defensive end but they were running away from me and I was being double teamed all the time. Then I switched to inside linebacker which was new for me, but I think I did well. I'll be a defensive end in college though."
Is there a decision date set?
"After these first three visits if I'm ready then I might do something," he said. "But if I'm not 100-percent sure I want to take the rest. I'm pretty sure I'll take all five, but you never know."