Adeyemi reacts to Edsall leaving

It was just a couple weeks ago that defensive end Kenton Adeyemi out of Fork Union (Va.) Fork Union Military Academy committed to Connecticut. Now, word has come out that Randy Edsall is leaving. With just a couple weeks till a possible enrollment, what's his feeling now?
"I still want to go there," he said. "It's real close to home so my family can see me all the time for home games.
"In fact, my pastor announced I was going to Connecticut today in church and my entire church family wanted to buy season tickets. That kind of support is very important to me. Also, my friends who go to school in Connecticut like Malcolm Williams can see me play all the time as well."

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He reacted to the news of Edsall leaving though.
"I cannot lie that I am bummed about Randy Edsall leaving, but in the end I want to go to Connecticut for the school and what it represents, not the coaching staff. That is just an added bonus."
Adeyemi plans to enroll on January 18th and despite his uncertainty, he's confident in his decision still.
"It's an awkward situation, but I still want to go to Connecticut as of right now. I feel it is very important to represent the state you are from," he said. "It kind of makes you feel like the homegrown hero.
"I know all the other kids from Connecticut that are committed to UConn feel the same."