A secret is being kept in East Texas

College coaches want to keep Fred Garrin in the deep, piney woods of east Texas.
Garrin (6-foot-2, 215 pounds) is one of those Division I prospects who are too good to be true -- a true diamond in the rough, a sleeper, a secret.
The bushes have been beaten around Class 3A Shepherd High School ever since the rumors of a quarterback-eating linebacker have swirled around recruiting circles.
"Fred started as a sophomore at tight end and was a good one," Shepherd coach Donald Hubbard said. "We need him at linebacker and he's our big defensive playmaker. He's explosive with great feet and hands."
Rental cars have been staked out around Shepherd's practice field this spring. Coaches from LSU, Arizona, Oklahoma State, Texas, Tulane, Houston and UTEP have seen Garrin in person.
"He just wants to go play football somewhere," Hubbard said. "He has a passion for football and doesn't have to stay close to home."
Garrin will be trying to attend mini camps at Stephen F. Austin, Oklahoma State and LSU.
Keep this kid a secret, will you? Shhhhh.