A Georgia secret no more

There's alot of talent at the receiver position this season in the Peach State. Well, now you can add another name to the list at wide out. His name is Shavarez Smith. Chances are that it's a new name out there. Smith, 6-1 and 200 pounds, was at Eagles Landing last season. He sustained a toe injury in game two, had surgery and missed the rest of the season.
Then, three weeks ago he transferred to nearby Henry County High School in McDonough, Ga. Henry County is the home of one of the nation's top receivers in Markeith Ambles. Last season they also had Jamaal Patterson (Stanford). The year before they had Chris Jackson (Alabama). This school knows a good receiver when they see one.
"He's as talented as all those guys," said Rex Roberson of Henry County. "We have only had in for eight days now but boy can he play. He can run (4.45) and jump (40 inch vertical jump) like a pogo stick. Shaverez is built like he's made to play in those Under Armour commercials. He's a secret but not for long."

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Smith played running back at Eagles Landing. At Henry County he will line up opposite Ambles. If he's as good as advertised this duo should put up monster numbers and Henry County will have a chance to play their way deep in the Georgia state playoffs.
"I am making the transition to receiver," Smith said. "And I am very excited about the opportunity to play at Henry County. They have put up huge numbers and they have thrown the ball around. My biggest strengths are my leaping ability, hands, speed, and I have deceptive moves. I am pretty strong out there. I'm physical and aggressive. I am licking my chops this fall. I know this team can do big things and I am excited to play with Markeith. We talked today and he's excited I'm here.
The only team that really knows about Smith is Georgia State. He has already camped there this summer and did quite well.
"I am going to more camps this summer. I will go anywhere schools show some interest in me. Being from Georgia I like the Georgia Bulldogs. I have camped there before but not this summer because we have been playing in these passing leagues and I am trying to learn this offense. I am pretty open and I want to see what happens with all the schools out there this summer and fall."