A few standing out for Terry

Dallas (Texas) South Oak Cliff 2016 standout Marvin Terry has made a name for himself as a missile off the edge over the last few years, as he has set up shop in the backfield of opponent after opponent from his defensive end position.
His play made college recruiters very aware of his abilities off the edge, but a position switch has been in the works throughout the spring and into the summer months. Terry has been spending more time in the middle of the defense as opposed to the edge and college coaches like what they are seeing.
"They've been talking to me about middle linebacker actually. They want me to play in the middle," Terry said.
It has been a bit of a transition, but Terry has grown used to the idea of linebacker and more comfortable at the position
"I think I can do the job," Terry said. "I know as a team we can get it. I think I can run the defense, I can be the quarterback of the defense. I think that's a strong move for me because I get to run around, make plays as usual, and I know my teammates have my back and I have their back. Yeah, I'm willing to do it."
The 6-foot-2, 220-pound defender has also noticed college coaches believe he can do it as well. He attended Baylor and Texas A&M camps this summer and both gave him the opportunity to show off his new talents.
At the Baylor camp, he started his day at defensive end, but it did not take long for him to make the move to the linebacker group.
"Actually while I was at d-end we were doing loops and we had to run around the loops to see who the fastest d-end was and they were like he's too fast," Terry said. "They moved me to the linebackers because I was fast. I didn't tell them I was going to linebacker and it's kind of crazy to me because they just said we want you to go work at linebacker. That made me feel that the move to linebacker might help me in the long run."
He admits he was a little uncomfortable working at the position at Baylor, but it also helped make him feel more secure about the move.
"I didn't get many reps because that was when I first moved," Terry said. "I was working it in the spring but I wasn't comfortable enough to go out there to a camp. I know I didn't feel as comfortable out there but I stuck with them. I didn't get done dirty or anything like that. It was alright."
By the time the Texas A&M camp came around, he was all linebacker all the time. He also came away impressed with the A&M coaching staff and one coach in particular.
"I loved the linebacker coach," Terry said. "We had a chance to talk and stuff. He made me open my eyes. I could really help them. The defense they run, I can actually go there and produce very very well. Me and coach got along. I like him."
He currently does not have any camps on his schedule, but he would definitely like to make it to a few in July.
"No, I don't have any other camps coming up. If anyone wants me to come to a camp I will," Terry said. "I was supposed to go to a Texas camp but I had to miss that one. I believe Texas Tech has one coming up and I'll probably go to that one. I would like to go to an OU camp too. I need to get to camps coming up because I need to get out of the house."
When it comes to the recruiting process, Terry already holds offers from Arkansas, Cal, Colorado State, Louisville, Oklahoma State, SMU, TCU, Texas Tech, UCLA, and Wisconsin. He is not in a hurry to make a decision, but he does admit a few college programs have caught his attention.
"OU, they haven't offered me yet, but they've caught my attention," Terry said. "I'm still waiting for that Alabama offer. But, like TCU…I went to the Texas A&M camp and I liked that camp. I think I could really help their program in the future years."