A few stand out for Dickerson

Recruitment has slowed down for Garrett Dickerson, the fourth highest rated player in New Jersey. The tight end from Oradell (N.J.) Bergen Catholic has close to 20 offers from schools like South Carolina, Rutgers, Florida State, Maryland, Tennessee and others and he is starting to plan out visits.
"Nothing has really been gong on since I got the UCF, N.C. State and Arizona offers a few weeks ago," said the 6-foot-4, 240-pound Dickerson. "I got mail from a lot of places but I haven't really spoken to any coaches from schools hat haven't offered me."
Dickerson has a lot of schools to think about but there are a few he feels more comfortable with than others.

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"I've definitely formed a good relationship with the coaches at Michigan and also at Stanford with Coach Kotulski," he said. "N.C. State can also be thrown in there. I'd just say that they are good coaches and are easy to get along with and are guys that I would want to be my coach so I'd guess they are the schools that stand out because of that."
There are a few schools that Dickerson wants to visit but he only has one planned right now.
"We're going to Stanford on April 5 and 6," Dickerson explained. "That's the only one so far. I definitely want to get out to see Michigan and Ohio State again. I'd like to get down to Tennessee and Florida State. Those are just a few that come to mind. I really don't know when they would happen but I hope they come soon."
Clearly Stanford has made an early impression on Dickerson.
"The academics really draw me to Stanford," he said. "My parents think education is very important. Football ends at some point so I have to be ready to go out into the real world, get a job and support my family. Education is a vey big factor in my decision. Stanford is a great program and they are very consistent. I think they've been to three straight BCS bowl games. It's also in warm weather so you really can't go wrong with them."
When it comes to making his decision, Dickerson isn't anywhere close.
"I'll definitely have my top 10 in about two months or so," he said. "I'll either make a decision during the season or wait till after.
"I really don't know any schools that will make the list right now," Dickerson said. "I just want to see how this Stanford visit goes and how things work out when talking to coaches and their interest level."
Last season, Dickerson helped Bergan Catholic to an 8-4 record.