A dozen offers and counting for Woods

Junior defensive tackle Jay Woods of Jackson (Ga.) is in no rush to pick a college. In fact, he hasn't even started to narrow things down.
"One of the reasons I'm open is that I feel like I'm still getting offers," he told Rivals.com. "I'll start doing my top five when the offers start slowing down."
That could be awhile.

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Every week, the 6-feet-2, 270-pounder seems to pick up two or three new offers. His most recent came from Syracuse, which pulled the trigger Wednesday. That gives Woods 12 offers total, most of which have come in the past month or so.
"Right now I'm just looking at the pros and cons of each," Woods said. "I'll probably have [a list of top schools] mid-summer or right before the start of my senior year."
Thus far, Woods has visited Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Georgia Tech and USF. His time with the Yellow Jackets stands out, he said.
"When I'm there I usually just see the stadium, but when I went to visit I really had one-on-one time with the coaches," Woods said. "And they took me to the other side of the campus. I didn't know Georgia Tech had that much campus."
What's next on the agenda?
"In two weeks I'll probably be going to Duke," Woods said. "Academics are high on my recruiting list. Duke can provide me with great academics. They're a top-notch college. I want to visit Vandy on March 24. I've got to talk it over with my parents. I'll also probably go down to Auburn and I'll probably visit Missouri. Those schools all keep in touch with me. They want me to come up."
According to Woods, Georgia Tech is recruiting him the hardest.
"Every day, I get handwritten letters from them," Woods said.
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