5 Star RB still has it to 4

Gerald said, “hard hitting is what it’s all about. I’ve been playing football pretty much since about the fourth grade and I realize ‘Hey this is me, this is what I want to do.’ It is a war out there. It is the only sport or whatever where you can go out and beat the stink out of someone and not have to worry about it. That is what you do.”
It appears that Gerald Riggs, Jr. is well on his way to a full recovery from a hairline fracture in his left ankle that forced him to leave a game earlier this year and miss the next one as well. “I’m back now. Two weeks ago we lost to East Ridge 40-38. They had a lucky touchdown when a pass bounced off the shoulder pads of a defensive back. I had 20 carries for 250 yards and a touchdown,” Riggs said.
Riggs still lists Michigan, Nebraska, LSU and Tennessee as his finalists for consideration. He has already visited LSU officially earlier this year and has been to Tennessee unofficially many times. Gerald said, “Tennessee may have a slight edge because I know so much about them. I haven’t decided when I will set up visits for Nebraska and Michigan, but I’ll have to go there eventually. I plan on visiting both before making my final decision.”
Michigan – Recruiting-Coach Herman (DL), Position-Jackson (RB), Head Coach Carr
Nebraska – Recruiting – Coach Barnes (RE), Head Coach Solich
Louisiana State – Recruiting – Coach Harpeson (DB), Haywood (RB)
Tennessee - Recruiting – Coach Caldwell, Head Coach Fulmer