5-star Collins has idea whom hell pick

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. - Five-star safety Landon Collins of Geismar (La.) Dutchtown is the first to admit there is an adjustment period this week at practice for players taking part in Thursday's Under Armour All-America game.
"Where I'm from, there are not as many guys that are as fast as me or have the ability of some of the talent that's out here," Collins told Rivals.com. "So playing kids like this, you've got to adjust because there's going to be guys like this when you go to college."
Speaking of college, a question asked of Collins a lot is this: Which one will he pick when he announces his choice at Thursday night's game in St. Petersburg.

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"I'm down to two - Alabama and LSU," Collins said.
Collins, who said he is close with both of his primary recruiters -- Burton Burns of Alabama and Frank Wilson of LSU -- spoke briefly about what he likes with each finalist.
Alabama: "When I go there, I feel at home. I love the coaching staff, and the academics are always high. When I'm at home I'm always in a quiet zone. Around my home it's quiet. Around my block it's quiet. There's really not a lot of noise. I like that. That's how [Tuscaloosa] is."
LSU: "The coaching staff there is like family, because most of them know me well. I know some of the players that have gone there. That's my family. We've coached together. We've played together."
Asked if he knew which college would get his signature, Collins replied, "I think so." He added that he was "80 percent" sure whom his choice would be. According to Collins, who said both schools are recruiting him equally hard, he has not told anyone from either staff where he'll be going.
"I just think about myself being [in college]," Collins said. "And every time I think about it, it tells me that school."
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