4-star TE Harris breaks down top 10

Columbia (Tenn.) Columbia Central tight end Jackson Harris has a long list of scholarship offers from major programs, but ten currently remain in contention for his services. The 6-foot-5, 241-pounder spoke with Rivals.com to break down each program:
Alabama: "I've been there a few times. I really had a great visit. They have phenomenal facilities and great tradition, a big tight end school. They have good academics and all. It's solid all around."
Clemson: "Just a high class place, great academics. I really think a lot of the coaches there. I went down there in the fall and had a blast. It's very nice."

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Georgia: "I went there this past weekend. Coach (Mark) Richt and Coach (John) Lily are two of the most respected coaches. I think a lot of them, two very great guys. It's definitely a great school. I had the opportunity to hang out with them a bunch this weekend. I really liked it a lot."
Florida: "I went there about a month ago and kind of the same situation, good academics. They're recruiting me pretty hard. I actually grew up a Gator fan. That was really cool to go down there, visit them."
Florida State: "Obviously doing pretty well now. I've been there during the summer and fall and I've got a good relationship with Coach (Randy) Sanders. I went to a game and it was an awesome atmosphere."
Ohio State: "I have a good relationship with Coach (Zach) Smith. I talk to him a quite a bit. I've been up there in the fall for a game, a big night game. It was an awesome atmosphere and I really enjoyed that. It's a big time school and big time football."
Penn State: "I haven't been there but the coaching staff is phenomenal. They recruited me very, very hard at Vanderbilt and actually gave me my first offer so that's something that really sticks out to me. The coaching staff is a huge thing that sticks out.
Purdue: "My brother actually played for Purdue. That's one thing that sticks out about them. I've been to many of those games. Coach (Gerard) Parker is recruiting me very hard, really great guy."
South Carolina: "I haven't been there, but I got to talk to a bunch of coaches there. It seems like a really good place. I hope to get up there soon but it's definitely a place I'm highly interested in."
Vanderbilt: "Right down the street, basically. They've always been up there as one of my top schools and recruiting me very, very hard. Big academic school and they're starting to go to the tight ends a lot more now."
The four-star performer said that a decision could be on the way in the next several weeks if all goes according to plan.
"Actually, I think it's going to be pretty soon," he said. "It could be as early as a month from now."
Most of the programs that remain on Harris' list have received visits. Will those that have not receive one before he shuts things down?
"It's a maybe right now. I'm kind of going through each step, the way I feel. If I do visit it will probably be summer. If I do decide in a month, probably not."
Beyond naming a final ten, Harris is keeping everything else to himself. He did hint that one program has the lead behind the scenes.
"I try to keep that pretty hidden. There is a school in particular right now, and there are three or four that are sticking out."