4 Star athlete from Mo. undecided

Dedrick Harrington, who is from Mexico (MO) Mexico, is still trying to decide not only what schools he will visit, but which sport that he will play in college.
“Northwestern, UCLA, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Kansas and Illinois have offered me too," Dedrick said. That is addition to the other seven schools that we had listed.
He is looking for a school that plays “big-time football”, but he also wants a school that prepares him for pediatric medicine.
“All of the coaches are nice when they call you,” Harrington said, “and they are supposed to call and be nice.”
"I don't know," Harrington said to which schools he might visit or which sport he might play in college.
Most schools are willing to let him play both sports, but "I'm thinking about playing just one of them."
He has not eliminated any schools nor has he placed too much thought into it just yet.