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38 offers and counting for QB Jones

Chicago (Ill.) Morgan Park junior dual-threat quarterback prospect Demetrius Jones (6-foot-3, 185 pounds) has now added an impressive 38 total scholarship offers so far during the May evaluation period.
"I'm up to 38 offers right now," Jones said. "Both North Carolina and Nebraska are my latest two offers. Both school offered me late last week."
Jones has also been averaging nearly 8 phone calls per day from various college coaches during the May evaluation period.
"I would say that I'm averaging about 8 phone calls per day from different college coaches. One day last week I had 13 different calls from college coaches on all levels. It's been difficult to talk to every coach, but I try to entertain every call that I get. I'm trying to be open and try to evaluate everyone on an even level."
Jones admits that trying to talk to that many coaches per day is starting to get old quickly.
"It is starting to get old, basically because I've gotten to the point where I've really started to narrow schools down. I'll always try to be as friendly and as accommodating as I can, but on the other hand I don't want to lead schools on at all. I'm trying to balance all of that out for now. The recruiting game is a business, and I'm just trying to go along with everything that's involved because you never know what can happen."
Jones is also currently a lean towards Notre Dame.
"I'm a lean to Notre Dame right now. I'm still looking hard at Notre Dame, Illinois, Oregon, Tennessee, Northwestern, Ohio State in no particular order. Those are my main five schools right now, and the main thing I'm looking at are academics as well as the quarterback position and the quarterbacks coach. I'm looking at which coach can help me get to that next level as a player."
Jones is still looking hard at his options, but admits that his final college choice could come at anytime.
"It could come tomorrow, who knows. I'm just going to go with my gut instinct and God will let me know when to announce and make my final decision. I'm looking hard at the total picture with each school right now, and I'll know when it's right to make that decision with God's help."
Jones also is planning to check out several schools unofficially this summer.
"I'm planning to go check out a bunch of schools this summer with the guys. Chris (James), Juice (Isiah),Marcus (Wilkins) and a bunch of the fella are gonna hit the streets soon. We all like to go as a group to different schools. We all agree that we need to cherish these times because we all get along really well and we also know that we're not gonna all play together in college. We all are going to do what's best for each of us. We're just trying to share these times as friends while we can."
Jones talked about the hardest lesson he's learned so far about the recruiting process.
"The hardest part about the recruiting process has been learning that this is all a business. The outsiders will do anything they can to get in the middle of something you have established already. It's not fair that college coaches tell kids across the country that they will all start as a true freshman. The coaches will do anything they can to make them look special, but then when you think about it that is their jobs to make you feel comfortable with them. You need to try and balance out the difference between the hype and what's real."
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