3-star Clemson commit wont take other visits

Last month, Anderson (S.C.) linebacker Ben Boulware's phone was blowing up, with coaches from around the Southeast hoping they could persuade the Clemson commit to at least take a look at they to offer.
But Boulware, who committed to the Tigers back in March didn't budge. A month later, Boulware's list of missed calls has seen a considerable decrease.
"I haven't talked to another school in a while," Boulware said. "At first, schools kept trying but now it's died down. The process was cool, getting to talk to a lot of coaches, but I know where I want to go and I'm not going to change my mind."

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With his mind made up, the hard-hitting linebacker is focused on helping T.L. Hanna rebound from a disappointing 2011 season. So far, his squad is 3-3, but according to Boulware, much improved.
"We're a lot better than we were last year," he said. "We have tough competition but I think everyone inside the program, both players and coaches, know how much we've grown."
As one of the leaders of the Hanna squad, Boulware starts at linebacker and also spends time at fullback, tight end and running back. He said this year has been a little more challenging for him personally, mainly because of the amount of attention he's drawing from opposing offenses.
"Last week I played the whole game but every play I was getting double or triple-teamed," he said. "I had never really seen it like that before where it was every play all game long but if it frees up my teammates to make plays that's great, because I'm not worried about stats."
With no recruiting business to tend to, Boulware said he's likely going to wait until after the season to take his official visit. He also said he doesn't have plans to take an unofficial visit any time soon.
Boulware is also an accomplished baseball player capable of playing at the next level. He said he'll play his senior year of high school baseball in the spring, but won't attempt to play both sports at Clemson - at least as a freshman.
"I love baseball but I feel like I want to secure my position in football before I worry about anything else," he said. "If down the road I'm starting for the football team I might start working on baseball, but until then, it's all football."
Boulware added that he's excited about the Tigers' 4-1 start to the year, and with the way the team bounced back following its loss to Florida State.
"You're going to have a bad game every once in a while," he said. "But to come back and travel to Boston College and win on the road shows a lot about the team."